The Monday Group

The Monday Group are a volunteer based organisation who work to maintain and improve rights of way in Mid Sussex. They operate over a large area, meeting regularly and undertaking a variety of work to benefit others, such as footpath clearance and the installation of new styles and bridges.

The Brief:

The Monday Group did have a website, but it was messy, disorganised and hard to navigate. My brief was to design and produce a new website that would allow easy access to information, as well as several more interactive functions such as a problem reporting form.

The project:

I produced the new website using their old one as the base and lifting the existing content into a nicer format and layout. The site includes the ability to make donations online via PayPal, to report problems and to simply get in touch. It also includes a wide array of information, photos of their work, and clips of previous TV and Radio interviews that the group have taken part in.

Project Summary

Project type: Web Design
Client: The Monday Group
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