Distrikt is a new pop-up venue for Brighton Fringe 2016, offering a mixed programme of theatre, dance and comedy. Run by Dv8 Events Company, a group of Event Management Students studying in Brighton, the venue is located in a former Church and will seat up to 110 people, plus have a separate bar operating across the 10 days that the venue is open for.

The Brief:

As a new venture, Distrikt needed a visual identity and an online presence. Working alongside the venue team with the colour palette provided to me, I was asked to create a logo and a website. The logo would need to be clear, memorable and simple because of the variety of contexts in which it would be used, and the website had to be appealing, responsive for viewing on different devices and very easy to use and manage.

The project:

After much discussion and several drafts to get something that the whole team liked, I produced the logo that you can see on this page and on the Distrikt website. The flat design allows it to be used in any of the venue’s colours and it works well across both digital and printed media; the cut-out style lending itself to being comfortably placed on top of coloured backgrounds and images.

The website utilises a range of styles that are meant to be unique and a little quirky – such as the static header, sidebar and footer that create a permanent frame for the rest of the content, and fun finishing touches like the loading strip at the top of the page. The website is designed to feel almost ‘app’ like in style, presenting a very professional image whilst having a bit of fun and deviating from common design patterns and trends.

Project Summary

Project type: Logo & Web Design
Client: Dv8 Events Company
View live project: www.distriktbrighton.co.uk